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We educate buyers and sellers so they can make an intelligent, informed decision.
After all, we are dealing with a buyers life savings and a sellers retirement.

Buyer Profile Form

Our marketing packages are divided into two parts:
Part A and Part B.

Part A includes pictures and basic information and is viewable on our website using a secret passcode. 

Part B contains details on the park and sensitive information such as income and expenses.   However, the Owners have requested buyers fill out the following Buyer Profile Form before we release this confidential financial information. 

All we need is simple, basic information about your background and financial capabilities which adds assurance to us and the Owner that you have the resources to purchase the park.  We do NOT need bank account names, numbers or exact amounts.

We Respect Your Privacy: 
We DO NOT sell or give your personal information to third parties.  
We will treat any information you give us with the same confidentiality we expect you to honor regarding the campground owner's information.

Reminder:  Use the tab key (not the enter key) to move between fields, 
hitting the enter key will submit the form prematurely.

(Note: Required fields are in blue - the form will NOT submit if the blue fields are blank.)

First Name: 

Last Name:
Spouse or Partner Name(s): 
How would you like us to reach you?
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E-Mail Address:     


Requesting information for (please request parks by the assigned number from the sale list): 


1.  Are you a Real Estate Agent or Broker?   (Yes or No)


2.  What is your purchase time table? 


3.  Have you already looked at parks for sale?    (Yes or No)

If yes, about how many? 

4.  Are you still working?  (Yes or No)
If yes, what type of work?

5. Does your spouse work?  (Yes or No)

If yes, what type of work?

6Do you need to sell your home or business before buying a park?  (Yes or No)

If yes, please explain:


Basic Financial Information

All sellers want to be sure that a buyer is financially qualified before authorizing release of their financial records and other detailed information regarding their business.  At the same time we realize you don't want to give out too much information too soon.  Following are some questions the owners would like you to answer. 

They're not asking for all the nitty gritty of every penny you have or owe, but just a simple overview of your basic financial status.  The purpose of this information is to establish that you are financially qualified to purchase their park. 

Your information will be treated c
onfidentiality and will not be given to any other party.  Just give your best conservative estimates.  Please do NOT give account numbers or other specifics.  You are welcome to "round" numbers.

(Note: Required fields are in blue - the form will NOT submit if the blue fields are blank.)

7.  Approx. amount of cash in banks (checking/savings accounts, CDs, etc.) 
Please do NOT include account numbers:

8.  Approx. amount in retirement funds (IRAs, 401k, Keogh, etc.):

9.  Approx. Stocks/Bonds/Mutual Funds (not retirement funds):

10.  Real Estate/Businesses - Equity (approximate market value less what you owe).

Estimated Equity
Personal Home:
Second or Rental Home:
Commercial Real Estate:
Other Real Estate:
Business Value
(excluding real estate):
Describe your business:


Are any of these on the market?   No        Yes. 
If yes, which ones?


11.  Any other sources of income besides your jobs - example alimony, child support, retirement?    No     Yes
If yes, describe amount and source:  

12.  Have you ever filed personal bankruptcy?                       (Yes or No)

If yes, describe:  
13What is a comfortable downpayment for you - one that still leaves you back up money?


As a prospective buyer, I understand that confidentiality is important to the Seller.  They do not wish it to be publicly known that their property and business is for sale.  This is to minimize any adverse reaction by campers, employees or suppliers.  

I understand that any information furnished to me by Darrell Hess & Associates is confidential and is
not to be disclosed to outside parties other than my spouse, partner, or financial advisor.  

I agree that
call the campground or contact the owner or any employees of the park in person, by phone or email.  

Your ability to maintain confidentiality will be a direct reflection
 on your integrity and may influence whether or not a Seller
is willing to work with you on the sale of their park.

By typing YES in the box below and submitting this form, you agree 
to honor the Seller's request for confidentiality.  

  I agree to maintain confidentiality. 
(Before submitting this form, we recommend you 
print a copy  for your records.)



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