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Sold Statistics -   
Averages of What Parks Have Sold For

Everyone wants to know, "How much is the park worth?"

When purchasing a home, you have the luxury of calling a local realtor and having them perform a comparative market analysis.   

But what about RV parks and campgrounds?  

How do you get details on what other parks have sold for?  Sure, everyone has heard about a park that has sold, but how accurate is this information?  How do you compare the bits and pieces regarding other campground sales to your park, or the park you are considering buying? 

You could hire an appraiser.  But besides the expense involved ($2,500 to $5,000), it is difficult to find one that has ever appraised an RV park or campground. 

Do you know where appraisers get information on what parks have sold for?  

They call Darrell Hess & Associates and purchase our Sold Statistics. 

These same Sold Statistics are now available to you!

PLUS - A pricing worksheet to take you through the 3 simple steps to apply these Sold Statistics to your park to determine price ranges.


The COST - $150 for the Sold Statistics and the worksheet to use in pricing your park with the Sold Statistics.  
Call (828) 452-1535 to order by Visa or MasterCard.


What are these Sold Statistics?

We all know that market has changed over the years.  Therefore, we are providing the historical data on campgrounds sold in 2000-2020 (based on 245+ sales). These statistics should show how the campground/RV Park market has changed with the economy.   More specifically, we have narrowed it down to the statistics for sales in 2017 to2020 to show the most current market conditions.  Keep in mind these are averages

 We have kept statistics during our 35+ years' involvement in the campground industry.  Included in this analysis are overnight parks and destination resorts, franchised parks as well as independent parks.  Some were sold by real estate brokers and some were sold directly by the owner.

 Even though no two campgrounds are alike, there are many similar characteristics and common denominators.  We’ve broken these measurable common sold denominators into 4 benchmarks as explained below.


These statistics are broken down into 5 sections:

  • Parks with gross income less than $150K

  • Parks with gross income $150K to $300K

  • Parks with gross income $300K to $600K

  • Parks with gross income $600K to $1 mil

  • Parks with gross income over $1 mil

These are averages.  Some parks sell for more, others for less, but this is a good "snap shot" of pricing.


Description of the Sold Statistics

  1. Average Downpayment as a % to Sales Price 

  2. Average Gross Income Multiplier (GIM): 
    The income multiplier was calculated by dividing the actual price of the campgrounds by their reported gross income.  

  3. Average Price Per Site (PPS):
    This is what parks have sold for on a price per site basis.  

  4. Average Gross Income Per Site (GPS): 
    This measures gross income on a per site basis.  This is calculated by dividing the total gross income of each campground by the total number of designated sites.


Following is an Outline of the Sold Statistics information you will receive.


Chart of Sold Statistics

1.  % Downpayment to Sales Price ?
2.  Average Gross Income Multiplier ?
3.  Average Price Per Site ?
4.  Average Gross Income per Site ?

Purchase these Sold Statistics to find out the answers to the "?".  

The  statistics come with a Pricing Worksheet that takes you through the simple steps necessary to apply the statistics to your park.  Remember, this will be a simple "snapshot" of a sales price expectation based on the averages of what campgrounds have sold for and should be used to supplement all other factors you are considering as you try to answer the question, "How much is this park worth?" 



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