Campgrounds For Sale
We educate buyers and sellers so they can make an intelligent, informed decision.
After all, we are dealing with a buyers life savings and a sellers retirement.


1.            Call us to schedule an appointment to meet with the owners.  However, the owners have requested that no appointments be scheduled with them until after the prospective buyer has received  our Part B Information Package.  Doesn't it make sense to get ALL the information ( both Part A and Part B), before you spend your time (and the owner's) with a visit to the park? 

2.            Or, visit the park on your own as an "anonymous" camper.  Find out how a regular camper is treated by the owner and employees (as opposed to any special treatment you may receive as a potential buyer).  This allows you to take a look at the park and the area to determine if you have further interest.  But, if you do visit, then you must remain an "anonymous" camper and don't approach the owner or any employees with comments or questions regarding the park being for sale. 

Realize there could be two or three other prospective buyers in the park at the same time as you.  The owners prefer to meet only with prospects who were serious enough to get Part B and have scheduled an appointment through us. 

3.            Visit the park as a "potential" camper.  Want to visit the park but NOT camp?   Just drive in and tell the person at the registration counter that you are in the area on business and may camp at their park in the future.  Ask for a site map and permission to "look around."  You can see the property and go into all the buildings - except the owner's home, storage and maintenance areas.  This allows you to get a first impression of the park and the area and will help you determine whether or not you have further interest.  If you like the park - call us to schedule a second tour and meeting with the owner.  Again, keep the reason for your visit a secret.


At the owner's request:

1.            Don't walk into the office and ask to talk to the owners because you "heard the park is for sale".  If you have scheduled an appointment through us we will give you the owner's name and they will be expecting you.  We will coordinate when and how you are to discreetly meet with them.

2.            Don't walk around the park with a sales information package in your hand pointing out features, etc. 

3.            Don't walk around video taping the park, or taking LOTS of pictures.  If you do take pictures be sure to "pose" your dog, kids or wife in the picture.  Campers and employees are going to wonder what you are doing if you are taking lots of pictures of the bathhouse, rec hall, maintenance building and tractor.  

4.            Be careful if you bring your children to the park.  Kids can say the "most unexpected" things.  Actual story:  One kid told the other kids at the playground that his parents were there to "buy the park."  Within an hour all the seasonal campers and employees knew the park was for sale.

5.            Don't ask employees or seasonal campers questions that may arouse suspicions.  Example:  One buyer asked an employee about storage in the upstairs of the main building.  Another asked an employee to unlock the game room and then didn't play any games, just took pictures.

6.            Don't go to community banks, local zoning or health offices asking questions about the park.  This is extremely important!Yes, you will have an opportunity to do all of that later, but this is not the time.  The owner doesn't want the community knowing his park is for sale.

Realize there will be lots of prospects looking at this park.  The owner certainly doesn't want 25 - 50 people poking around and asking questions in the community.  If you can't get together on price and terms then there is no need to stir things up in the community and with government agencies.  

After you have reached an agreement on price and terms then you will have plenty of opportunity to check everything out.  In our contract there will be a paragraph allowing you time to arrange bank financing, inspect everything, talk with all the necessary officials and then get out of the deal if things don't check out to your satisfaction.  

After your visit let us know what you did and didn't like about the park.  Make a list of questions and concerns - we will help you get the answers you need so you can make an intelligent, informed decision.

Contact our office to request our Part B and schedule
 a visit with the owners of the park. 

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