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We educate buyers and sellers so they can make an intelligent, informed decision.
After all, we are dealing with a buyers life savings and a sellers retirement.

Thinking of Selling?

We realize deciding to sell is an emotionally charged,
life-changing decision.
It will affect all aspects of your life - not just the financial.
The decision will affect where you live, what you do, and who you are.

We sold Staunton/Walnut Hills, KOA, VA, for
Steve and Linda Albrecht.
Click on the link below to hear what they have to share about
 the selling process.

Video Interviews with Steve and Linda.

   Avoid Detours and Dead Ends
Jeff Sims, former owner of Compton Ridge Campground and
current  Director of State Relations/Program Advocacy with ARVC
said the following after we sold his park ...

"Darrell and "Staff" kept cool heads and most importantly anticipated 99%
 of the problems  and addressed them prior to becoming a "problem." 
Darrell Hess sold his first campground in 1982, and over the 35+ years he and his staff have acquired the experience to avoid the "detours and dead ends."  Our 30+ years specializing exclusively in the sale of RV parks and campgrounds will provide the answers, suggestions and solutions to your questions and concerns. 
We will guide you through the many decisions and difficulties facing you during the selling process. 

"You thought of and organized all the miniscule details of the entire process and took the load off of us as sellers.  Your entire team was very professional and thorough.  The package was very professional and descriptive and was provided to many interested parties. 
Your knowledgeable staff was a pleasure to work with." 

Ginny McConaughy, former owner of Manchester KOA

"Each and everyone of you that we have had interactions with at Darrell Hess & Associates have demonstrated a high degree of professionalism, great communication skills and quick response!  Darrell should be proud of his organization!  Thank you for your research and gaining the answers so quickly.  It is a pleasure doing business with you."  
Jim Conoscenti, Canyon Country Campground, PA



Owners often tell us - "Please sell my park but don't tell anyone it 's for sale." 

That makes our job harder - but we can DO it! 
Many campground owners choose us to market their park because of our dedication
 to and proven methods for helping maintain confidentiality. 

Some brokers advertise the name and location of the park and are not strict about releasing information.  Not us.  All of our buyers have to agree to maintain confidentiality before we release any information, including the name and location of the park.  Prospects are reminded of the importance of confidentiality at 5 different stages of our selling process. 

"I have served in many arenas where confidentiality was a must. 
Darrell Hess & Associates was "top shelf" !

Jeff Sims, former owner of Compton Ridge Campground and
current  Director of State Relations/Program Advocacy with ARVC

Pre-Qualifying Buyers

We have a 2-step process that buyers must go through to receive information on your park.  First, before receiving any information (the Part A package) they have to agree to maintain confidentiality and tell us they have access to the required downpayment for your park. 

The second step requires that they fill out our Buyer Profile Form which gives us more details on their financial situation (assets and liabilities).  Once we get detailed information on them, if they are qualified,  then we release more detailed information, including income and expenses, on your park. 


"The packages you provided impress me.  No broker has ever come close to the professionalism and quality of presentation that your company has provided.  It is a breath of fresh air to know that there are professionals in this industry niche." 
Gary Haring, former owner of Lake Marian Paradise, FL



Our unique marketing strategy divides the information on your park into 2 parts - 
Part A and Part B. 

Part A Information Package

The Part A Information Package is a general summary of the business and the property (with lots of pictures).  It is designed to answer the basic questions of buyers and allow them to "rule it in or rule it out" -- that is, to determine if they have a further interest in the campground.  (Prospects do not receive the Part A package unless their downpayment capabilities are in the range required for the park and they agree to maintain confidentiality.)

Instant Access Passcode

Our special campground website allows buyers instant access to the Part A Information on your park - but it is accessible only by a secret passcode.  To receive the secret passcode, a prospect must give basic information about themselves, their downpayment capabilities and also agree to maintain confidentiality.  

Part B Information Package

After reviewing Part A, if the prospect has further interest in the park, they can request Part B, which contains more details on the park and financial information such as income and expenses.  But, prior to receiving Part B the prospect must fill out our Buyer Profile Form.  This form gives us more personal information, as well as a more detailed overview of their financial status.  They agree again on this form to keep confidential the information they receive.  

Our Fee

Our fees depend on the degree of difficulty.  If the sale will be easy we don't need to charge as much.  If it will be a difficult sale - we charge more.  Each park is different; we will customize the price and customize the commission.  We will be glad to discuss it with you but we consider the following 3 factors:

Depends on 3 Factors

1.  The degree of difficulty.  If it is an easy sale, we charge less - for a complicated sale, we charge more.

2.  Our familiarity with the property and owners.  If we've sold the park before, we already have lots of information and understand the business and property.  In contrast, a property that we've never seen and owners I don't know will require much more time and effort on our part.

3.  The degree of commitment you make to us.  For example, a park owner who says, "OK, sell my park --I'll give you a 30 day listing" versus a park owner who says, "You're the experienced broker I want directing the marketing, negotiations, and closing on my deal, so I'll give you a 2 year listing".   When we take on a project, we commit 100% of our Brokerage staff, our time, our skills and expertise -- and that is all upfront cost to us.  Therefore, we expect the same level of commitment from a seller, and do not work on "open" listings.


Which Company to Use?

All of them may be qualified to do the job, but you are looking for a broker that you have confidence in and are comfortable communicating with.   Just because they say they are a specialist and have sold a few parks, doesn't mean they are the right "fit" for you.  For example, read what one person said about the broker involved in their purchase (who had many years of experience in selling RV parks)... 

"We have purchased an RV camp and marina.  We regret that you did not have this listing as I know the whole deal would have gone much more smoothly.  The broker we were dealing with even though he claims to have experience in the campground sales business we felt was completely incompetent and nearly cost us the deal.  This is not only our opinion but that of both attorneys, both accountants and the seller as well.  It has been a real pleasure working with you and your staff."   
Bill Bennett, former owner of River Edge RV Camp & Marina.

We're in the Selling Business - NOT the Listing Business

Many brokers measure success by the number of listings they have. 
Our philosophy
is to measure success by the quality of our work and the number of sales.  
We are in the SALES business - not the listings business!

We limit the number of listings we accept and do not assume more than our staff can handle professionally. 
Our reputation is as important to us as yours is to you.  

What Sellers Say About Us

"I believe the words of our closing attorney said it all:
 'I have closed hundreds and hundreds of deals and I must say your broker certainly earned their commission.  Most others did not come close to providing services relative to the commission earned.  Yours certainly did.'"
Rod Stanley, former owner of KOA Charlottesville, VA

"Your marketing, strategy planning, and problem solving was outstanding! 
Had we listed with another company half of the issues would not have been covered. 
Our accountant and his assistant could NOT say enough positive things about your expertise."
Bob and Carrie Kandary, former owners of Forest Ridge Campground & Cabins, PA

"Your understanding of both Buyer's and Seller's psyche was extremely valuable. 
As far as coordinating, your staff was always ready and prepared for the next step... 

Your and your staff are true professionals who's insight and integrity gets the job done. 
Words like trust, respect, confidentiality and honesty are what set your company apart. "

Jeff Sims, former owner of Compton Ridge Campground and
current  Director of State Relations/Program Advocacy with ARVC

Seller References:

  • Steve and Linda Albrecht, former owners of Staunton/Walnut Hills KOA, VA

  • Ron and Libby Kaly, former owners of Natural Bridge/Lexington KOA, VA

  • Mark and Cheryl Manning, former owners of Fancy Gap/Blue Ridge Parkway, VA

  • Ted and Jo Staszak, former owners of Yogi Bear's Park at Raintree Lake, IN

  • Ron and Vicki Vitkun; Yogi Bear Leisure Systems Inc., Directors of Franchise Sales, and former owners of  Yogi Bear's Park at Hagerstown, 240-675-7901,


(Keeping track of "retired" sellers is difficult because they often travel. 
Let us know if any of these phone numbers don't work.)


Interested in a CONFIDENTIAL discussion?

Contact our office at 828-452-1535 or

Our guidebook, "Thinking of Selling," is designed 
specifically for owners considering selling.  

This educational guidebook will address the 3 Phase Process
 you will need to work through to make an informed decision about selling. 

One campground owner says,
"The guidebook you sent us,
 'Thinking of Selling,' is an excellent source of information and covers 
every aspect of selling a campground that is conceivable.  We would highly
 recommend it!  There aren't any additions or changes that we can note, 
instead we learned even more from YOU!  Without having 'been there,' 
it is amazing how you covered selling a campground so thoroughly.  
We can't thank you enough for sending the 'Thinking of Selling' guidebook 
and giving us an even better understanding of the selling process."

Want to know more about this guidebook?  
Once you are done reading this section click on the following link:
Thinking of Selling Guidebook.

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